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14 Jul 2021
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1 Aug 2016
16 May 2012
25 Jul 2013
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12 Feb 2012
29 Dec 2011
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What's new

v4.0.2.6 [1 Aug 2016]
Fixed display of local IP address in Help menu
Fixed negotation with external proxies for authenticated SSL connections
Fixed occassional hang on macOS with retina displays
Fixed NPE in DNS Spoofing for repeated events
Fixed HTML validation
Refreshed current viewer when viewer mappings change
Ensure throttle settings are applied to repeated HTTP 2 requests
Improved PCAP file import.

v3.8.3.3 [25 Jul 2013]
-Support for Mac OS X Mavericks: prevents Charles from being starved of CPU resources by App Nap.
-Headless mode fixed (no longer exits immediately on some platforms), and the preference setting to activate Throttling on startup will be respected.
-Throttling command-line switch added to activate Throttling on startup.

v3.11.6.4 [3 Mar 2008]
Fix deadlock after 30 minute trial period timeout
Improvement to SSL certificate installation on mobile devices and remote browsers
Other minor bug fixes.

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